Comment joindre J.K Rowling?

Vous pouvez écrire à Joanne Kathleene Rowling (de préférence en anglais) grâce à cette adresse qui est celle de son éditeur:

J.K Rowling

c/o Bloomsbury Publishing Place
38 Soho Square
London W1V5DF
Angleterre (England)


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  1. haudson
    haudson écrit:


    Everything d access I know that it will be a miracle and a big trés if jai an answer but too bad, I wanted to suggest you my idea for a continuation d Harry Potter if I remember well harry wanted to become to auror with ron? And aprés the fall of voldemort why not to create a continuation with that? And to have more detail of the weslay family etc., peace and love everybody

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